About Sarimanok Poultry Feeds

About Sarimanok Poultry Feeds

Sarimanok Poultry Feeds caters to the nutritional and dietary needs of layer chickens, broiler chickens, ducks, and quails. Our products are formulated to suit the requirements of poultry at specific life stages, ensuring maximum growth and productivity.


UNAHCO, INC. (Univet Nutrition and Animal Healthcare Company) is the animal nutrition and health care subsidiary of United Laboratories, Inc, the leading pharmaceutical company in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia. For more than 50 years now, UNAHCO has been the trusted partner of Filipino animal raisers, providing them with quality and affordable veterinary and feed products that enable them to run cost-efficient and profitable farm operations.

UNAHCO manufactures, markets, and distributes veterinary and feed products for swine, poultry, gamefowl, ducks, pigeons, quails, and companion animals. Recently, it has also ventured into the distribution of organic fertilizers and crop protection products to help crop farmers protect and optimize their yield.

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